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It was announced, Comrade He Jiangchuan any first party secretary, chairman, Comrade Li Aiqing due to his age no longer serve as first party secretary, chairman of the board.Li Aiqing, Comrade He Jiangchuan position statement were made at the meeting.Original title: in Beijing, the college entrance exam and some other English listening test machine to determine the timeAfter a year of rectification, we are now able to survive P2P net loan platform basically there are strong platform background, but under the overall supervision of the banned red line, in 2020 domestic P2P net loan may be the final exit of the deadline, net loan platform change or die.

Keywords II: EmploymentTianjin University of Science and TechnologyThird, particular attention is a hospital, clinic or to the hospital to be with relatives and friends to see the doctor, in a hospital environment in which you have to wear masks.In April, China's urban unemployment rate was 6 investigation.0%, up 1-0 March.1 percentage point; among 16-24 year olds, 25-59 year-old population survey unemployment rate was 13.8%, 5.5%, respectively, higher than in March 0.5,0.1 percentage point.31 metropolitan unemployment rate in the urban survey 5.8% more than in March rose 0.1 percentage point.In April, the national corporate employment average workweek is 44.3 hours than 0 decrease in March.5 hours.More >>>In this regard, the "New York Times" said: the world's dependence on Chinese manufacturing masks."During the benign exit, shareholders and executives platform is not running, yet linked, not divestment, all closely aligned with the lender!"The evening of May 9, the Shenzhen-known P2P net loan-to-head online platform Mavericks announced a paper promise benign exit to the electronic business platform technology and financial restructuring.

Relying on China's powerful manufacturing capacity, at the end of April of the United Nations set up global humanitarian emergency hub, which is established by the United Nations in the global fight against SARS emergency first key hub, the hub is designed to provide transportation security by the Chinese logistics company, worldwide transporting medical supplies to aid in the fight against SARS.So how does our breathing machine production?This afternoon, the State Council joint prevention and control mechanism held a press conference to introduce the new crown normalization of pneumonia epidemic prevention work."Pull the car are some department stores, there was nothing to check!Port of all our household, take care of it!"The driver stepped on the gas, Lee said as he prepared to drive away.Pleasant emergency loans then the rumor, saying "sensational title of the article from the media content and the fact that serious discrepancies, resulting in a very negative impact on the company's reputation, our company has started the relevant legal procedures, and made a report to the regulatory authorities.The company will continue to conduct business legal compliance, and earnestly safeguard the legitimate rights and interests and maintain normal market order.Please understand social circles, do not believe rumors, do not pass rumors."

Original title: Disease control experts: four measures to enhance the likelihood of asymptomatic infection found"We always welcome the foreign media and reporters according to the law in their reporting activities in China, and will continue to provide facilities and assistance.What we oppose is the ideological bias against China, is opposed by the so-called freedom of the press concocted false news, the opposition is a violation of journalistic ethics."Said Zhao Lijian. Editor: I wish GabayUndertake a global scale orders ventilatorOriginal title: National Health health committee: Jilin local epidemic prevention and control and other issues exposed communityMay 15, State Council Information Office held a press conference in April introduced the operation of the national economy.State Statistical Bureau spokesman Liu Aihua, said in April the main economic indicators have improved, but noted that there is a certain improvement in indicators of the nature of compensatory restoration.Third, for the implementation of key groups should check to make inspection.The purpose of detection of focus groups, found as potentially infected people to reduce the risk of disease transmission, including close contacts of cases, patients and nursing staff of the fever patients and new admissions, as well as our overseas immigration officers to detect.Also for our medical institutions, pension institutions, child welfare agencies, as well as the staff of the prison, Inspection and Quarantine staff, our border officials, if there is any suspicious clues, but also to carry out testing.1.Smart Box Express courier service industry services sectors refinement and extension, to meet the diverse consumer's express delivery service to some extent, personalized consumer demand.Smart Express box in terms of service differentiation, and other interactive services, to make up for lack of the organized community based on universal service criteria established by the drop box, but the setting is to consume public resources at the expense of the cell, the cell is more and more consumers service, which has a community public service properties.Beijing Daily Reporter client Sun Yi Wu Nan Zhao Xibin week Mingjielisong Lin Zhangnan Click into the topic: Feng nest courier charges timeout storm Editor: Zheng YapengJust two months, epidemic prevention and control focus from domestic to foreign countries, China has gone through the process of buying goods from countries around the world to fight the epidemic to expand production capacity to support the world.The first four months of this year, CPI rose 4.5%Bengbu agricultural firms no public disclosure of performance reports, but you can see from the News Bengbu agricultural firm official website, the May 7, 2019, China People's Bank Financial Stability Bureau deputy director Huang Xiaolong when research to guide the work of Bengbu Rural Commercial Bank to, Bengbu agricultural firms reported bad loans from September 2018 to April 2019 and the non-performing loan rate changes.As can be seen from the chart disclosed in the press release, as of September 2018, non-performing loan ratio Bengbu agricultural businesses between 30% -35%; as of April 2019, the NPL ratio Bengbu agricultural businesses between 10% -15%.Be seen, the bank's non-performing loan rate was high.

Year of graduation back to school arrangements clear.Beijing on novel coronavirus pneumonia epidemic prevention and control of the press conference, City Board of Education spokesman Li Yi said that the current college students do not return to school without approval insist.Since June 6 the conditions of the school year in succession can be arranged graduation back to school. Click into the topic: Focus novel coronavirus pneumonia epidemic Editor: Zheng YapengIn this context, Wen Bin pointed out that the next stage, monetary policy should take greater efforts to support the real economy, RRR, there is still room to cut interest rates and the need to increase efforts to stimulate demand to speed up recovery.However, according to 21st Century Business Herald reported, in July 2019, the Chairman of the Board of Directors pleasant loans, CEO Downing will announce the successful completion of restructuring and pleasant loans should be part of the business letter (letter should include Pratt & Whitney, the letter should Huimin, pleasant wealth, etc.) pleasant loans will be brand new upgrade, called "Golden Section pleasant".The Consumers Association said:

Original title: compulsory boys 1000 meters to run, the girls 800 meters race Beijing compulsory examination to determine the sport!Provoked sustained attention to the issue for the recent abundance of nest boxes express overtime charges, May 13 afternoon, the Consumers Association said the statement, express delivery box has a community public service properties, should be incorporated into residential property services business, within a reasonable time limit should not be kept alone charge a service fee.Benign announced withdrawal P2P platform, Dallas is not the first online.According to statistics, there have been its location in Shenzhen to voluntarily withdraw from 9 batches of 178 net loan institutions and declared net loan business has been settled.1--4 months, total retail sales of social consumer goods 10.6758 trillion yuan, down 16 year.2%, a decline of 1 - 2 March narrowed.8 points.National online retail sales 3.0698 trillion yuan, an increase of 1.7%.More >>>As of May 6, China through market-oriented procurement, epidemic prevention materials have been exported to 194 countries and regions.Of which 77 national and regional governments, six international organizations through official channels and China signed 216 commercial batch of medical supplies procurement contracts; 71 national and regional governments, eight international organizations working with batches of 128 enterprises to develop business purchase negotiations.Keywords A: CPIThis afternoon, the State Council joint prevention and control mechanism held a press conference to introduce the new crown normalization of pneumonia epidemic prevention work.At the meeting, CDC infectious disease researcher at the Chinese Feng Zhao recorded introduction, indeed detect problems recently attracted much attention, rapid and accurate detection is an important guarantee for early detection of epidemic prevention and control.Original title: Henan high-speed traffic police seized 45 mobile "bomb"

"During the benign exit, shareholders and executives platform is not running, yet linked, not divestment, all closely aligned with the lender!"The evening of May 9, the Shenzhen-known P2P net loan-to-head online platform Mavericks announced a paper promise benign exit to the electronic business platform technology and financial restructuring.Original title: Beijing: the beginning of grade three will wear a bracelet intelligent measuring body temperatureMasks surge capacity to support the world's fight against SARS"Obligations must be implemented, but also the right to exercise the rights, if the obligation is not fulfilled, the right to exercise improper, wrong and then push it off, it is not the responsibility of Communists and served!"The first four months of this year, investment in fixed assets fell by 10.3%Bin Wen noted that the report also mentioned the need to "handle the steady growth, preserve employment, structural adjustment, anti-risk, the relationship between control inflation, maintain the price level basically stable, multi-channel guide is expected to do the work," shows control inflation still need to focus on a target and balanced, but the urgency has clearly given way to steady growth, preserve employment and other aspects, it also opens up more room for monetary policy.