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      Li Guodong (Manchu) Co., Ltd. Beijing solid waste removal and transportation logistics center Arm hanging a compressed car squad leader, senior workersMount Everest is located in the eastern section of the border between China and Nepal, is the world's highest mountain.Over the past few decades, the world Mount Everest is widely recognized that altitude is 8848 m.In 2005, the former State Bureau of Surveying and Mapping measured Everest rock surface elevation is 8844.43 meters.This year's measurement, is the second in 1975, 2005 and released twice the height of Mount Everest, China climbers measured Everest elevation measurements again open action.This is the height determination, also related to cooperation in Nepal.During the October 12, 2019 to 13, the CPC Central Committee General Secretary and State President Xi Jinping's state visit to Nepal, the two countries issued the "Joint Statement", which proposed: the two sides will jointly announce in the height and carry out scientific research cooperation.For the implementation of the "Joint Statement", Department of Natural Resources in conjunction with the Ministry of Foreign Affairs, the State Sports General Administration and the regional government organized the 2020 Everest elevation measurements.Ma Xiuhua (female) Beijing Daxing District People's Hospital, deputy party secretary, president, chief physician, professorOriginal title: umbrella!Beijing thunderstorms today, "patronizing" confront the many changes coming days2020 height determination, the official announcement, the integrated use of GNSS (Global Navigation Satellite System) satellite measurements, precise leveling, electro-optical distance, snow depth radar measurements, gravity measurements, astronomical measurements, satellite remote sensing, like geoid and so a variety of traditional and modern mapping technology.Songzhao Wen said Tsai Ing-wen after winning the election, provoking the mainland, she said, "does not rule out cross-strait war." "We have the ability to withstand China's first hit," "Wulifantai will suffer huge losses," and so on, these words came to power together with the authorities to prepare delete on "cross-strait relations Ordinance" words about "unity", to "de jure Taiwan independence", the mainland that "must give the 'Taiwan independence' lesson," the time has come.

      "At present, Nepal Earthquake in 2015 (the height of Mount Everest) there are precise impact is unknown, as one of Everest sovereign country, we have a responsibility and obligation to Everest accurate elevation data measured out to the world an accurate answer."Yamin said the party.“最初还有林业开采,后来不再伐木了,就是专心捕鱼。Zhao Xing (female) Beijing Dumbo Training and Development Center director Shijingshan DistrictOther countries have never stopped to explore the world's highest peakEarlier, the Chinese surveying and mapping workers have been on Everest six times and large-scale mapping expedition.In addition to China, other countries have never stopped to explore the world's highest peak, the organization has repeatedly measure the height of Mount Everest.In case of disagreement, please report it in the form of telephone, fax, e-mail and letters to the jury office and other city (letter to the postmark date of arrival).

      ”长庆街道党工委副书记黄祥介绍。"Tsai Ing-wen 'does not rule out cross-strait war' dream might come true.""Retest Everest elevation has two main reasons, the first is certainly the height of Mount Everest has changed.Second, Everest measurement technology has made a big leap, new technology can significantly enhance the measurement accuracy Everest."2020 in the height measurement technology Coordination Group, Chinese Academy of Surveying and Mapping fellow party Yamin told the" China News Weekly ".Clever Code of Defense Technology Co., Ltd.,Wang Linna (female) China Beijing Railway Bureau Group Co., Ltd. Beijing West Railway Station passenger workshop operational guidanceNamed in recognition of the work of the Office of the Commission

      ロシアの外務省は3月31日に声明を発表し、北マケドニアのNATOへの加入はヨーロッパ、地域、そしてそれ自体には価値がなく、より多くの分裂を引き起こすだけであると述べた。Geodetic scientist SURVEYING had quite vividly describes the measurement of Everest reason, "Parents regularly to the amount of their own children growing tall, is as it should be.To deepening understanding of human nature, the Chinese people to the deepening understanding of their homeland."After the proposal was rejected, the party Yamin team still can not be reconciled, a chance, they learned that China Aero Geophysical Survey and Remote Sensing Center of natural resources can be done, it took six months to develop a detailed technical cooperation program, and invited the two academicians review, eventually included the height determination of which programs.2020 May 15At present, all the players are waiting for a window period at arrival.The entire world is waiting for a new height of Mount Everest.Han Wenxing Yanqing District, Beijing Meteorological Bureau ground observer, Assistant EngineerFuyang East, Yuan Village, according to the South, Zhou set, horse shop entrance closed.Lu'an, Fuyang direction of the vehicle to exit from Madian shunt, Bozhou Lu'an direction of the vehicle to shunt from Yuan Village outlet.

      私は品質を利用して顧客を受け入れ、カスタマイズされたサービスを利用して農産物の付加価値を高めています。Kwun Tong, Huainan, east, south Changfeng, Yang Temple, Wushan entrance closed.Hefei to Bengbu direction of traffic diversion from Wushan export.Therefore, the primary health care sector in recent years because of a lack of people slow development issues, but also because of inability to develop and more a lack of people, unable to extricate themselves caught in a vicious cycle."China Times" on the 14th that Taiwan set off a "hatred of the anti-China" sentiment in the DPP's election operation, Lu Zhongyuan University of event may be born with the will of the Taiwan school watershed.The article said, "Taiwan is the most beautiful scenery, the most ugly political landscape.View of beauty and ugliness of the key decisions in the hand of every Taiwanese ". Editor: I wish GabayWu Xijun Highway Maintenance Engineering Co., Ltd. Beijing starting maintenance squad leader, senior technicianIn recent times, in addition to the PLA exercises held in the Bohai Sea, the mainland continued to "Sword" in the Taiwan Strait surrounding.Taiwan's "United Daily News" said in early February, the mainland military aircraft across the Bashi Channel from the first island chain, during which also implemented around the island, even through the Strait center line; in March, the mainland military aircraft group for night training in the waters southwest of Taiwan, near the " Taiwan air defense identification zone "; April 10, China Liaoning ship, with two guided missile destroyers, guided missile frigates and two aircraft carrier battle groups a comprehensive supply ship, across the Taiwan Strait.At the same time, the mainland's Taiwan frequently release window "Cambrian" argument, "China Taiwan Network" director of Taiwan Affairs Office recently published entitled "The People's Liberation Army experts authoritative interpretation 'Cambrian' when Taiwan began," the article, the eastern war zone micro-channel public number is also issued a document "lost illusions, ready to fight," said "the key is to do all the pre-war ready to grasp the initiative in the war.".These articles prove safety trends closely, "Taiwan-US relations", meaning a strong warning to Taiwan.Han Wenxing Yanqing District, Beijing Meteorological Bureau ground observer, Assistant Engineer

      「黄色の泥道と木造住宅、62年前、村は貧しくて真っ白でした。Qi long red Beijing Agricultural Technology Extension Station in Changping District, senior agronomistReports quoted military experts as saying the mainland, the People's Liberation Army held military exercises in the Bohai Sea side of the timing and exercise time is very unusual.Tsai Ing-wen will be inaugurated on May 20, the Taiwan authorities on the "Taiwan independence" is also farther and farther down the road, getting faster and faster.This exercise is expected to focus on the combat environment, including the multi-joint and combined arms warfare, amphibious landings, won the island as well as air and missile defense, electronic warfare, etc., "to ensure that once the mainland across the Taiwan authorities' anti-secession law," the red line, the mainland has determined , the ability to non-peaceful means to resolve the Taiwan issue. ".It reported that the PLA this election exercise in the Bohai Sea on the edge, on the one hand this is an inland sea waters, the foreign ship machine can not close surveillance; on the other hand almost all the exercises focus on missions and tasks courses.In addition, in the Bohai Sea military exercises, to facilitate the PLA land, sea, air and rocket forces maneuvering to protect very convenient.Climbing Everest is not easy, this journey is divided into six detailed intersection.Planned, May 6, measuring players from the Everest base camp, pass through the Rongbuk Glacier and the East Rongbuk Glacier, arrived at an altitude of 5800 meters in the middle of camp to camp.Then climb 700 meters to reach the advanced base camp altitude of 6500 meters.Advance base camp Oxygen is very rare, intense altitude sickness, players need to rest.Next, the survey team to reach an altitude of 7028 meters, respectively, of One camp, 7790 meters above sea level in the second camp, altitude 8300 meters of the 3rd camp, the last depending on the weather, choose a step towards the summit of Mount Everest.Nepal Mount Everest is not without independent measurements of elevation.According to Xinhua News Agency reported, in April 2019, four Nepalese measuring the composition of the team left Kathmandu, went to the southern slope of Mount Everest base camp, began to self-measure the height of Mount Everest, so far, yet new data released in Nepal.[Global Times Reporter Guoyuan Dan Li Junfeng] People's Liberation Army held military exercises up to two and a half months in Tangshan Port, near the Bohai Sea from 14th.Since Tsai Ing-wen will be inaugurated May 20, recently the Taiwan authorities to seek "independence" increased action, and constantly challenge the bottom line of the mainland, so this exercise raises concerns about the huge island.Taiwan's United News Network, said the purpose of the exercise is to the mainland "In order to deter 'Taiwan independence', in preparation for a military solution to the Taiwan issue, if necessary.".Taiwan's "Defense Ministry" Senior Advisory Committee Songzhao Wen Tsai Ing-wen recently been denounced openly provoke the mainland, she even claimed that "does not rule out cross-strait war," Tsai Ing-wen now "probably a dream come true," she must be "100 percent responsible" for such a grim situation.China Foreign Affairs University Professor Li Haidong 14, "Global Times" reporter, said that the mainland next warning "there will be a series of high-intensity action-intensive way to accelerate the presentation of", "Taiwan authorities should not hold 'as long as the US-backed, do whatever you want '破罐子破摔 psychology, once they have crossed the red line, there are serious consequences of making the wrong move, the Taiwan authorities must be psychologically prepared to bear the consequences. ".Zhou Honglei, Beijing Survey and Design Institute Chief Engineer, Senior Engineer