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    2020-06-05 22:55:32


          Maren Yi: August 16, 2017, is in the fire inspection of the nodes, A construction company will help them do inform our fire linkage debugging, our company will send a man, because according to this norm, usually smoke, temperature sense the unit will send someone to linkage with the test signal response is equivalent to the control center over is not received, the signal is not received back reaction.No. We August 18 sent a project to do the commissioning of three dozen tang door fast debugging finished, almost down and two to three volumes shutter door, because the scene was dimly lit, there are several companies in the construction site, confusing when there is a third party workers, Gou certain operations to press the shutter doors of the elevator buttons, the members of our ongoing commissioning of a project roll into the card to suffocation.This process is so.After the accident, we are also very sad, when they met on-site developers, as well as A construction company does not cooperate, do not come forward.But business is business I invest, certainly for the community, the government share those concerns, I also believe that after the government certainly be how to deal with how to deal with, so we actively cooperate and negotiate a deal with the funeral process.Because the dead have two children, a child still in college, to graduate, there is a child in junior high school, my company will give the bereaved families subsidy of 24 million yuan, more than 90 million plus the payment of social security, for a total paid about 1.25 million yuan to the family of the deceased.After that, in accordance with the relevant administrative departments for my punishment is three points: First, the company does not have the deceased training; the second is not wearing a helmet; third is not set up warning signs.Maren Yi: not to say that every person and every leadership qualities are so high.Just to say that we are now being a little unfair treatment from the start.Maren Yi: the punishment is, in my company does not have employees on safety education and training, as well as failing to display warning signs at fire shutter button on the grounds that the company fined 280,000 yuan; for me personally, I say mismanagement punished 10000 multivariate.I refused to accept this punishment, I punished myself to accept, I accept my management is not in place.Penalties for businesses, and I think the accident at the building site, construction site management should belong to the enterprise, our business is the production and marketing enterprises, security management responsibilities to the scene of the construction site shall be borne by the contractor and subcontractors; we installed when there is wearing a helmet, but when debugging should be managed by a guard or security officer construction site.Also, I produced the fire shutter doors are weak, not a high-risk enterprise, there is no significant danger or risk factor, our industry did not need to say that the relevant provisions set up warning signs.Security training, because the deceased made a security officer certificate, even set up, I think I should not be the company to set up warning signs.I was not satisfied with the process of these administrative penalties on the grounds that after the incident, deal with this matter of administrative coordination through my company and construction companies, etc. A few parties.A construction company since then been punished for their qualifications influential, was coordinated by the money come out of them, let us bear the punishment.We consulted three times, subcontractors are anchored in the A private construction company, when accidents occur they are not in the field, the project manager, safety officer, construction workers are not on site.Maren Yi: It is mainly the construction needs from shutter doors this past to the other side, or we need a big circle around, it would be more far.Sanmin district has been closed the whole managementRecord person: Cui Tianming First Branch of Chongqing Municipal People's Procuratorate assistant attorney general

          As the livelihood security of necessity, the above information Shulan official confirmation, the local reserve in food, gasoline and other fully.So Shulan local medical health Contagion how to prepare?Shanghai has formed a "new nurses job training - training of professional nurses competency - upgrading training of specialist nurses" three-tier training system.Since 2005, the Municipal Nursing Society has trained intensive care, ostomy wounds incontinence, blood purification and other fields nurse 1.5 million people, greatly increasing nurse specialist nursing skills.Original title: Shanghai nurse 9.71 million people, accounting for 2% of male nursesZhang: If you have finished commissioning and acceptance, then you have the obligation to do what you company?The commissioning of the day is to fulfill contractual obligations or contracts outside?Raw and: It's not just the application, as well as in the construction industry and a number of large companies doing business within thirty strong, they are very high, administrative punishment or debt can not be everywhere finalists.At the same time, we apply high-tech enterprises, some bank loans, capital loans for it, a great impact.Raw and: I followed him for thirty years.Maren Yi: He is such a button, this is the time of shutter doors button is a site anyone can go to the press.

          Countries and governments have taken various policy measures, such as lowering interest rates, and deployed trillions of dollars in fiscal programs to stimulate the economy.Shulan City officials said the local grain reserve is abundant, the processing capacity of affluence: As of now, the city's private inventory 4800 tons of rice, 74,000 tons of rice, daily processing capacity of 4500 tons; the existing state-owned enterprises to store 420,000 tons of rice policy.Maren Yi: Thank you, thank you.Cheng Kam said that today is a special day, the 109th International Nurses Day.This year's theme is Nurses Day "tribute nurse team, work together to overcome the epidemic.".Here, on behalf of the city health committee extend festive greetings and pay high tribute to the city's care workers, I wish everyone a happy holiday!Zhang Jun: Special thanks to you, I also educated.(Assistant for) Lee assistant April this year more than a dozen of your friends?

          Zhang Jun: ah okay, if that local, I would not come standard.Maren Yi: right right right.In any case, the information published on this platform does not constitute investment advice.Zhang Jun: a compensation to the deceased process according to the labor contract insurance benefits yet?How many total?

          Location: Chongqing Municipal People's Procuratorate Branch Attorney Petition Reception CenterRaw and: not.The financial industry is fighting against the epidemic [responsible editor: Jiang Nan]Zhang: No, no.Beijing News News May 12, Chinese Academy of Social Sciences Institute of Linguistics obituary mourn Mr. Maimei Alice:Zhang Jun: Well social responsibility.Second, promote the deepening of quality care, nursing services extended to communities and families.

          Also in an interview with "Sunday Morning Futures" program interview, Navarro said that the US President Trump "with three years to create the world's most powerful, most beautiful economy", but "China with 60 days put it destroyed. ".Associate Dean of International Relations, Renmin University of China Jin 11 to accept the "Global Times" reporter, said that since the words and deeds of Navarro very unreasonable Recently, his performance is nothing more than out of personal prejudice, hostility and political strategy needed.2020 May 12Xinhua Finance, Beijing, March 31. As global liquidity tensions ease, investors are abandoning US short-term Treasury bonds ETFs.Maren Yi: Thank you, Attorney General, today I feel education is very deep, work is not good.Zhang: I did not expect, destined ah!Raw and: not.Original title: Shanghai nurse 9.71 million people, accounting for 2% of male nurses

          Zhang Jun: Ma always, if we go further handling of the case, is only able to pursue the project manager, supervising corporate responsibility, can not be canceled and two penalties against your company.Information | Wuhan Changjiang Daily Daily news Click to enter the surging topics: Focus novel coronavirus pneumonia epidemic Editor: Yang JieIn terms of other precious metals, the price of silver futures delivered in May rose by cents to US dollars per ounce, a rise of%; the price of platinum futures delivered in July rose by USD, closed at US dollars per ounce, a rise of%.Maren Yi: It is mainly the construction needs from shutter doors this past to the other side, or we need a big circle around, it would be more far.State Post Bureau, responsible person pointed out that the smart box express delivery courier in recent years is the end of one of the new service format, delivery and courier public service stations, direct home delivery courier brother main mode constitutes the end of the service, it is important to the smooth flow of the microcirculation facility, will help protect the safe operation of express delivery, improve efficiency and service levels.Especially during the epidemic prevention and control, its "non-contact delivery," the characteristics are widely welcomed by the majority of users.Healthy and orderly development of new form of intelligent express mail boxes, do a good job related to "six stable" postal express delivery industry work to implement the "six guarantees" tasks related to the protection of legitimate rights and interests of consumers, related to the healthy development of the new format, we must attach seriously, in an orderly way.Among them, bachelor degree or above accounted for 37.76%; male nurse about 2.1%; 35 years of age accounted for 59 staff.64%. Currently, nursing service concept from "disease-centered" to "patient-centered" service model to further "around the patient's physical and mental health needs" change, efforts to provide comprehensive care to patients.Shanghai nursing career presents three characteristics:Maren Yi: Good afternoon distinguished leadership, you have worked hard.I am very honored to be able to reflect the aspirations and my business, and today can be leaders met, I am very honored.I am called Maren Yi, born in 2058.

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